F* the Seat!

Dear White Men, We Need to Talk: How internal bias and the unwillingness to listen, shuts down important conversations.

April 22, 2021

Talking about racial inequities can be a touchy subject. But if you want to really understand how to create equity, inclusion, and belonging within organizations, you have to be willing to listen and confront your own biases. 

This episode is about why we decided to start this podcast, we mention an article written about the lack of diversity in the HR profession that received some heavy criticism from a few white men, and we put a call out to others to engage in the discussion. 

Warning, we do drop a few F-bombs, but our conversations are always real, honest, hopefully insightful, and always with the intent to learn more, understand different perspectives, and help move the needle towards achieving real inclusion. 

To comment on this episode or suggest a topic for us to cover, please visit us at http://ftheseat.com/

Thanks for listening!

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